Diving Into The Unknown


Intro to Show

I’ve been exploring a shift in my career lately from working in the employment and career counselling field in the office setting to giving it a shot of doing it on my own and having conversations with people over Skype.

I have found a way to blend my passion for cooking, my work in tv and employment counselling into a show. Now that I am on my way to putting it all out there, I want to give back and help others explore their passions and dreams.

I am so excited to have conversations with people to help them explore their career options and diving into live a more exciting life, living in alignment of what they feel in their heart and letting go of all the bullshit we are brainwashed to think we should do.

If you want a sneak peak at the promo for my show, please make your way to my other website at oscarchimenti.com

Looking to explore your passions and want a free complimentary 90 minute call to look into this deeper?

Sign up Below and Lets Talk!

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