Montréal: Cirque du Manger, What a Riot!


Spent a feeding frenzy weekend in Montreal with my copain Denis, where my gluttonous personality showed up and I had an indulgent 2 days.  I also saw the latest Cirque Du Soleil show called Amaluna and enjoyed watching the recent Montreal protests/riots right in front of our lovely hotel.

We stayed in our favourite hotel nestled in the Quartier Latin on Rue St. Denis, Hotel Le Relais Lyonnaise.  Love staying here, their rooms are so cozy and decorated with rich warm colours.  Another added bonus is their French Café and Bistro, La Brioche Lyonnaise.

After checking into our hotel our first stop was the Jean Talon market located in the Little Italy district.  This open arcade has about 300 vendors with mostly fruit and vegetable stands but some nice meat and cheese spots amongst a few others.  This was my first visit to this market and although I didnt buy anything special I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the aisles and looking at the bright, fresh fruits, veggies and flowers.  If I lived in Montreal I would definately be shopping here often.

Jean Talon Market

At the market.

Walking through Little Italy was interesting although I think Toronto’s is much livelier.  Mind you we walked mid afternoon, maybe it picks up in the evenings?

We stopped for lunch at this little Italian cafe.  Sorry I didn’t catch the name, I remember the store front sign had several names on it so I was confused and forgot to take note.  We had a delightful thin crust pizza with prosciutto, arugala and fresh mozzarella di bufala.  Due to walking so much in the heat, at this point we were so hungry and thirsty we couldn’t wait to devour the crispy za and down our beer, oh wait……beers 🙂

Pizza in Little Italy

After  lunch we continued to walk back to our hotel which seemed to be another 60 minutes of trekking down lovely St. Laurent, peeking into shops and scoping out the sights.

When we got back to the hotel we decided to take a nap and I guess from all that walking/beer 🙂 we crashed hard and to my surprise we didn’t wake up until around 10pm.  Disappointed of our late rising, we quickly stepped out to find a good place to eat dinner.  Due to it being so late we were afraid we would not find a great spot to eat and decided to stop at the first place that was still serving food.  We happened to stumble on 3 Amigos which was just steps away from our hotel.  If you visit this place, you must try their margaritas, I think I had too many but they were oh so gooood.

3 Amigos on Rue St. Denis

I ordered their chicken flautas which I must admit I have never had flautas before but loved every bite.  The lightly crisped eggroll stuffed with a zesty chicken and cheese filling were to die for.  So glad I ordered them as I was still a bit bitchy from waking up so late, but the food and libations took me to an altered state of mind and I was happy again.

Chicken Flautas

We spent the rest of the night observing the protests out on the street near our hotel.  It was very exciting to watch and a bit risky too as we had to dodge the riot police a couple of times to get out of their way.  I took some vids on my phone if you are interested in viewing have a look here.

If you want to know more about the protests check out

We spent the following day walking around Rue St. Catherines, did some shopping and of course had to stop for some poutine.  Montreal has some great spots known for their poutine one of my favourites, not only for their poutine but also for it’s patio, location and convenience is Club Sandwich.  (1570 Ste-Catherine E.)  Poutine is a French-Canadian dish of French fries and fresh cheese curds, covered with brown gravy or sauce.  It’s just a luscious sinful plate of ooey gooey goodness.

Poutine at Club Sandwich

Below are some of the pastries and desserts from Le Brioche Lyonnaise.

La Brioche Lyonnaise

Every night we grabbed some croissants so we could wake up, make some coffee in our room and enjoy breakfast without having to rush out to grab something to eat.  It makes for a relaxing morning and we could take our time getting ready for the day.  The croissants were amazing even though we bought them the night before, still fresh, soft and crispy…..loved them.


One spot that was on my list to visit and was also steps away from our hotel called  Juliette et Chocolat which is a desserts restaurant.  The place was packed, cute and smelled like sweetness.  They have many drinks made of pure chocolate.  I was tempted to order one of everything but resisted and ordered the Fleur De Sel Medley which was a chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream and a caramel fleur de sel sauce.  Definitely delicious and devoured it in a matter of seconds of course.  I also order a chocolate drink not realizing it was served warm which was disappointing as I was expecting something cold due to the heat outside.  Nonetheless enjoyable and well worth it but I surely felt my blood sugar rise.

Juliette et Chocolat

Dinner on our final night was at Mirchi a fine indian restaurant.


Pakora at Mirchi

Biryani at Mirchi

Below are some pics I took along the way during our trip.

Rue St. Catherines

Cirque du Soleil – Amaluna

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