Jimmy Does it Better! Burritos

So I have been on this no carb, mostly protein and low-fat diet and friends of mine call me up to say they are going to check out this new burrito place called Jimmy Guaco’s.  Of course I broke down and joined them but made sure I starved myself before going and promised a double workout the day after.

Jimmy Guaco’s at 36 Athol St. E. in Oshawa, Ontario

Gladly, I made the right choice as I would have missed out on the best burrito I every had.  Not only does Jimmy do it better they also do it bigger.  Look at the size of this burrito, it’s like the size of a football.

Football Size Burrito

So I had the steak burrito stuffed with copious amounts of beef steak, beans, rice and veggies.  There was a whole lot of stuff thrown in there as the staff loaded it with all their goodies.  Careful with the hot peppers though, I only asked for one itsy bitty pepper in mine and I was sniffling and tearing up.  They also have an amazing pickled jalapeño sauce that I think adds another amazing kick to this pocket full of yumminess.

Steak Burrito

My friends and I all agreed that it was the best burrito we ever had.  2 of us had the steak and the other had the pulled pork burrito.  Jimmy Guaco’s knows how to make a great burrito and their staff are friendly and quick.  We will definitely be back!

I am looking forward to their new location at Taunton and Brock in Whitby.



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