Persians & Nanabijou (Thunder Bay)

This post is about a doughnut. Yes a doughnut, not just any doughnut but The Persian. I am sure most of you are saying “wtf?” but only those from my home town or those who have visited my home town know what I’m talking about. I am from a small city called Thunder Bay which is in Ontario and is located about 1000 miles west of Toronto.

I am not kidding you when I can say the best doughnut you will ever have will be a persian doughnut form Thunder Bay. I will not get into the history of the Persian because I really don’t know and too many conflicting stories but I do know I can eat about 5 of them in one sitting.

So this is what I’m talking about……


I love The Persian!! This is a cinnamon bun type pastry slathered with a pink icing made of strawberries. The dough is so soft and chewy I can hardly contain myself while writing this, sadly I now live in Toronto am not able to enjoy this soft pillow of yummy goodness!


Thunder Bay is known for its Persian but also for Nanabijou or “The Sleeping Giant”, feel free to google it. I took a nice shot and wanted to share but I’m not about to go on about the history behind it as I would be all wrong. You can probably tell I failed history class.



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