The Butterfly dans le Parc

This was my second visit to Le Papillon on the Park and once again it did not disappoint.  I had been waiting to return to this authentic Québécois restaurant since my first visit back in January.  My mouth has been watering for 2 months waiting for the comforting chevre poutine.  This isn’t just fries and gravy, it’s an amazing dish smothered with silky gravy, goat cheese, walnuts and lardons (bacon).  If I could just eat 2 of these I would be satisfied but of course I have to try to be a little more sophisticated in my food choices sometimes 🙂

So I also had the French onion soup that is not only creamy but heavenly heart-warming and oh so delish!  I couldn’t wait to dig into this little pot of gold.

For my main I ordered the Jarret D’agneau (braised lamb shank) which was satisfying but I regret not ordering the steak au poivre which I had on my first visit at Le Papillon.  The steak is so melt in your mouth delicious; I will make my way back to these digs just for the steak and poutine.

My friend had the Ragoût de lapin which he described as  a generous serving of luscious tender rabbit loin [“saddle ” might be the technical term] in a smooth and delicately flavoured  creamy sauce with a touch of lardons – not your typical red wine sauce of  the more well-known “civet de lapin”.

For dessert we had Pouding Chômeur which is otherwise known as the poor man’s pudding.  It tasted like a thick pancake with hot caramel on top and it comes with a side of vanilla ice cream.  The kind of dessert you want to enjoy by the fire at the chalet on a snow blizzard day.

Definitely a great restaurant to enjoy with good friends & family.  Looking forward to having a nice meal on their rooftop patio this summer.

Enjoy 🙂

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