Bless Me Father, for I Have Sinned!!!

The Burger’s Priest makes great burgers but while chowing down on my double cheeseburger I felt like I was doing something sinful and illegal.  We made the trip down from the burbs to seek out this sinful burger joint on Queen East.  After lining up to make our order we then had to wait outside for our name to be called.  Since there is no seating in the joint we decided to go munch on our burgers in my car.  While sitting there in silence with the windows fogging up we noticed other people in the parking lot doing the same thing.  We also noticed people hiding in the corners of the lot in the bushes and under trees munching on their burgers.  We started to feel like we were all doing something illegal, hiding in our cars shooting up our greasy burgers and feeling ashamed.  The Burger’s Priest certainly has a following and people seem to be taking all measures to get their juicy burger fix, including us.  I must say they do make great burgers and although we had to eat in the car it was worth it!

Don’t forget to Google the secret menu before you go 🙂

1636 Queen Street East


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